Contract & Refund Policy

Requirements, Limitations and Exclusions:
This quote includes ONLY those items listed above. Unless listed above, this quote excludes re-grades, leveling, repairs, contaminant removal, additional colors, custom color blends, logos and graphics, acclimatization, fixture, removal, and hazardous materials remediation.

Quote based on square footage shown. After acceptance,
adjustments in square footage exceeding +/- 5% will require price adjustment.

Must have on-site access to fresh
water, electricity, material and equipment storage.

Change-orders must be submitted in writing by you, and
approved by us. Additional work resulting from approved Change-orders will be billed at $50/hour/man, plus
materials at 150%. We must have exclusive access to work areas during install period.

Damage or work delays, caused by you, your clients, or your contractors during the installation may result in additional charges billed at the change-order rate shown above. It is your responsibility to provide notification of the work being performed to your contractors, agents, employees and representatives and prevent damages made by them.

As a result of numerous environmental and system factors, cementitious products are subject to significant variations in finish
and color, which should be expected.

Additionally, epoxy and other high-gloss sealers and coatings, combined with certain lighting conditions can make embedded debris, variations in level, and other minor imperfections more visible to the eye. Debris in sealers and coatings, which can include, but is not necessarily limited to sand, drywall fragments, insects, feathers, hair, dust, lint, leaves, grass, and rodent or animal tracks, is a normal occurrence and should be expected. Every square foot of every job we have ever examined or performed has some amount of encapsulated debris in the seal coat. Most of the time it is not visible or noticeable to the naked eye. However, high gloss products make these more noticeable. Unless otherwise noted, this bid does not
include removal of debris which is smaller than 1/8″ in diameter, or which is not a direct result of a failure on our part, or which was caused by you or your representatives or your facility.

Additionally, high gloss coatings can make bubbles more visible to the eye. In most cases, bubbles are too small to see or virtually disappear upon curing. We work diligently to prevent these and to remove them before the coating sets, but there is no method
for perfect results. When bubbles are larger than 1/4″ in diameter and result in an absence of coating, we will come back and refill these on a spot basis. With regard to debris and bubbles, any remediation which we deem necessary for either structural or aesthetic reasons, will be done on a spot basis, and you should expect any
repairs to be slightly noticeable.

No warranties are expressed or implied with regard to color, color matches, or aesthetic compatibility with your

Time-to-completion cannot be guaranteed due to weather, prep requirements, unforeseen conditions, and other considerations.

50% deposit required 7 days prior to start. Full balance due and payable on day of completion. When completion times exceed 2 weeks we require a partial payment equal to half of the
remaining balance after deposit. Estimates valid for 30 days only.

This project is warranted against defects in materials and/or workmanship for 1 year from date of completion. This project has a 10 year warranty dealing with adhesion related issues not related to moisture problems in the slab.

We will not be responsible for failures caused by, but not
limited to: substrate movement; failure of substrate; water vapor or other emissions through your slab; efflorescence; mineral and/or crystalline deposits; abuse; lack of maintenance; chemical attack; excessive heat; extended submersion in water or other fluids; or physical damage.

Additionally, crack repairs and fills cannot be warranted because concrete does shift as temperatures change, however, we will do our best to fill cracks and have them not shadow thru to the epoxy coating.


Custom Flooring Installs- No Refunds.

Materials and Tooling- No open/Damaged items will be refunded. Any unopened Materials can only be returned within 3 business day.